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GABRO has taken a leadership in the production of ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil. The Leadership position is reflected by the market, as our customers are amongst the most prestigious in the food retailing sector both in Italy and abroad. Our line of products has been developed and taylored in order to meet evermore our customer needs and to offer service, quality, efficiency, accuracy and trustiness. Our production philosophy is based essentially on the natural raw material, on the quality, innovation and service, which we manage to incorporate in our products.

Gabro Company Information:
C.da Sisto Cassano allo Ionio
CS 87010 Italy
Ph +39/0981.70339
Fax +39/0981.70432

Gabro History:
"The olive oil processing plant Oleificio GABRO S.rl. is a middle size company whose activity is in the agricultural food sector in the Calabrian region. Since the foundation, the company produces solely and exclusively Extra virgin olive oil. The business was founded in 1909 by Grandfather of the present owners. It was a small oil producing business, which was later taken over by Salvatore Brogna. In 1985 the members of the Brogna family transformed the activity from a family run business in to a partnership company.Finally, in 2002 Oleificio GABRO became a Private Limited Company with legal seat in Cassano Jonio (CS), borough of Lauropoli in Contrada Sisto. The C.E.O. Salvatore Brogna is supported for the management of the Company by his two sons and by his grand daughter. All family dedicated themselves to the business of olive oil producing as their grandfather had done in the past. . "